Westview Dental

Healthy teeth and gums and good oral hygiene are important for all and we firmly believe that everyone should have access to good quality, basic NHS dental services at a reasonable cost.

However, it is important to understand that there are differences between NHS services and those offered privately. For example, our private dental services offer a wider range of treatments and materials than our NHS services.

Before you begin a course of treatment please make sure you know if you are being treated privately or as an NHS patient as this could well make a difference to the price you pay and the level of service you are entitled to.

At Westview Dental we provide the following clinically necessary treatments on NHS:

  • clinical examination and report

  • basic fillings

  • some tooth extractions

  • some basic tooth restorations

  • some basic crown and prosthetic work

  • root canal treatment (if within the capability of our NHS general dentist)

Cosmetic treatments like cosmetic white fillings and crowns, tooth/cleaning polishing for non-health reasons, veneers, implants and teeth whitening are not available as an NHS treatment, however can be done on a private basis at the practice.

Please note, the NHS is a health service with limited resources, not a cosmetic service. We offer cosmetic treatments on a private basis only. Your dentist can discuss these with you if you wish. NHS Contract Holder: H van Rooyen